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PHE Nordic specializes in plate heat exchangers and gaskets. The company is able to provide complete plate heat exchangers, maintenance and renovation as well as gaskets where a wide range is always held in stock and can be delivered on a day-to-day basis. PHE Nordic is thereby capable of assisting various customers completely in this area.


Your independent service provider for Plate Heat Exchangers

  • All Brand Service
  • Quick and Reliable Service
  • Skilled Service Team
  • Fully Equipped


We serve the following brands:

  • APV
  • Alfa-Laval
  • Nirex
  • Gea Ahlborn
  • Fischer
  • Schmidt – Bretten
  • Stork
  • Junkers
  • Reheat
  • Rosenblads
  • Swep
  • Kähler & Breum
  • Tranter
  • Sondex
Kähler & Breum Kähler & Breum A/S

Nordtec Group has as per September 11th 2007 taken over the activities as regards production and service of tube and shell exchangers and plate heat exchangers from the Danish company Kähler & Breum A/S.

Nordtec Services has been engaged in sales and renovation of intercoolers, Air Cooler Cleaning Systems, plate heat exchangers, tube heat exchangers and freshwater generators for more than a decade. Nordtec possess great expertise in solutions of all kind toward customers in the maritime sector.

In addition to this, Nordtec is the Norwegian agent of Vestas Aircoil and collaborates on a large scale with Norwegian and Danish shipping companies.

Managing Director Peter Rønhave states, that Nordtec will continue the high quality production of Kähler & Breums in standard programmes as well as customer designed solutions.

The products are computer calculated in accordance with the latest technology and build one-at-a-time and with great care. The new business activities are primarily targeted on customers in engineering, heating service, terminal power stationing, district heating, breweries, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

“PHE Nordic is a quality-conscious company who serve plate heat exchanger brands as SWEP, APV, Tranter, Sondex, Gea and Alfa-Laval”, says Sales Manager Mette Rønhave.

”It is our objective to continue the good relationship to the customers within the business.”